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Gary Lewis

I've been working in the innovation and organizational change field for a couple decades, and this is one of the most insightful essays I've read in many years.

I am inspired to begin thinking about how your insights might apply in smaller business, NGO, grassroots, and Open Source environments, in addition to the larger corporate environment that your posting focuses upon. Your ideas can also apply to "supply chain ecologies" as well: concentrations of numerous small and medium sized companies, such as the IC design house ecology in Taiwan, or the "Shanzhai" (mountain bandits) cell phone, computer, and electronics companies in Shenzhen, China.

Only two thoughts to add: 1. How precious may those few people be who have an urge to disperse, but who also have excellent social skills, and (positive) organizational politics skills. 2. Developing best practices, training, and facilitating collaboration and mutual understanding between "dispersers" and "regular folk" offers a powerful point of leverage.

Henry King, I truly hope you continue this new blog. I look forward to your future writing.

Thank you,
Gary Lewis
Taipei, Taiwan

Henry King


Thank you very much for your kind words as well as your insightful comments. I am, like you, interested in supply chain ecologies, particularly in what is called industrial symbiosis as exemplified by Kalundborg in Denmark (I intend to write more about this soon). The industrial world has been slow in coming to this model but I think it will gain huge traction over the following decades.

I will better inform myself about the Taiwan IC design house and Shanzhai ecologies, thank you for those.

To your two points: Firstly, precious indeed and maybe too much to ask from any one person? I like the two-person model which pairs a strategic thinker with an operational one, a designer with an engineer, a finder with a builder, and so on. I'd welcome your additional thoughts.

Secondly, I agree, I agree, I agree.

Thanks once again. I really appreciate your interest and your comments.



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